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Climate change and its impact on health – a crisis at the crossroads

One of the biggest health hazards threatening the global population today and thereby, overall wellbeing and future sustainability is, climate ...

Unlocking urban sustainability: The rise of Nature-based Solutions

About 57% of the world's population, ~4.46 billion people, currently live in cities. This number is expected to increase to ...
Climate Change

Are we dying, or are we dying?

The constantly rising temperature has now been linked to 5 million deaths across the globe every year! According to the ...
Clean energy transition 2050

Energy Transition – An Indian Overview

The Paris Agreement (April 2016) sets out a global framework to avoid unprecedented climate change by trapping global warming to ...

Pocket Parks: Small Scale Initiative to Achieve Larger Goal of Urban Sustainability

The country of Greece was recently in the news for all the right reasons of introducing pocket parks in its ...

Threat to survival of a Himalayan town, Kalimpong from Anthropogenic Pressure and Climate Change

Kalimpong is synonymous with water woes for many years now. With an increase in the local and immigrant population, the ...

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